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It has been filled!
Stop defending your fandom, it's smut and nothing more.
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Is probably one of the worst things humanity has to deal with right now.
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Apox on our Government and corrupt Army Generals! Apox on those who lie! And cheat! Apox on those who wrote history!

Yes my Friends, I say go to hell! Those of you who believe every German man in the '40s was Nazi, get the hell out, and never speak to me again!

I'm fed up with this bullcrap, the Wehrmacht was less than 10% Nazi, and the men in the Wehr' were good, Christian, God Fearing men, much like our US Soldiers back then, not much different, other than nationality. Don't you think that instead of wanting to kill every non-German speaker, these men just fought for their country out of fear? Why does one not think that? Because our closed-minded Generals and Government would like to say that in history, they were the victors, and they were the good guys, they would like people to believe they were good, they would like to have their population close-minded, I cannot believe the shit people believe! End of this Journal.

All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers. ~Francois Fenelon.
Being gay is Natural! Whereas being paired as man and woman is just something humans picked up on the long line of Evolution...

What the fuck? I don't even...
I've been making some pictures in GMod lately, and they're turning out wonderfully. I LOVE THIS GAME.
Today I have been scarred for the rest of my life, damn you brain, you'd better not remember this when I go to sleep! Anyways, The Expressionless scares the shit out of me, her picture, and the fact that she claims to be God, I know, it's Creepy Pasta, it's not real, but you know how your head toys with you most of the time (Damn you! TROLL BRAIN!!!) And makes you think stuff is real, well this photo just scared the living hell out of me.

Link to Photo/Story/Video:…

But I don't feel bad for the fucktards who left that and joined Deviantart, just 'cause their website turned into a porn show. Go away OTHER Furfags, I'll accept some of the art here, but not when a Furfag OC looks too much like a Human, anyone else freaked out about that? Anyways, I hate Fur-Affinity, and have hated it since I was four years old (Which I will not state why,) so, yeah, that's a conclusion.
If Guns kill people, then planes did 9/11.
Have you idiots ever heard of the SECOND AMENDMENT? There's a reason that was added to our rights, if our Military ever fails to protect us, we have military grade weapons! We the people do! That's us! As an American, I'd like to keep our gun rights, I'd like to take my children out hunting and shooting targets, I'd like to own military grade weapons and fire them at Gun Clubs! Do Liberals or big Government want to take away our rights? If our Government got carried away and went on to Socialism, would that be okay? If our government turned on us, and used Police and Military power on us just to feel Power, would that be OKAY? NO! That's why the second amendment exists, that's why we have a right to bear Arms! So we can fight back these Socialist clowns that have put filth on our Government!
On a Side Note; Communist Countries (Which HAVE banned guns) led to their military killing millions of people, I don't want this happening to the US.